Hidden Audio Log - Episode 121

We return after a long vacation for Episode 121 of the Hidden Audio Log Podcast! Sorry to everyone for just disappearing like that, no good excuse for it as it's all on me for the most part! But we get right back on form and talk about random nonsense like modern video games criticism and the current state of Giant Bomb. We go on about all of this because despite us having been gone for so long, not much has actually happened in the video game industry. Some of the news we do discuss includes: the most recent Xbox One Update, the last Elusive Target for Hitman Season 1, if Kingdom Hearts 3 will actually come out in 2018, the upcoming Destiny 2 Beta, and more! Not much actual game playing discussion, but we are already preparing to solve that for the next episode!

Thank you so much for listening! We'll be better!


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